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Sales Assistant

Paco, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Prepare transaction documents such as Sales Quotation, Purchase Orders, Delivery Receipts, invoices etc. Coordinate with clients and suppliers to facilitate orders and deliveries, Organize delivery schedules and monitor delivery progress. Provide customer support for ongoing orders by answering questions and tracing orders' status or product shipments. Completes non-routine assignments that require a longer timeframe.


  • Candidate must possess Bachelor's Degree in Sales, Marketing, Commerce and any related field that would be advantageous.

  • Must have at least 1-year of work experience.

  • Fresh Graduates are welcome. But having experience related to the position is an advantage.

  • Excellent customer service skills.

  • Sounds knowledgeable and able to speak English both verbally and in writing.

  • Computer literate and proficient with MS Office applications such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

  • Preferable, resides in Metro Manila, NCR.

About the Company

The company has its humble beginnings as a sole proprietorship in January 1963 founded by Federico T. Tan, the center of operations was a leased 600-sq. m. store and manpower consisting of three to five people. The business was brisk as the Company focused on indent orders of hardware-based products. In 1969, while the trading company was flourishing, Federico T. Tan decided to expand and venture into the welding business.

During those times, the products offered by the company were as follows: Welding machines & accessories (electrodes/electrode Holder); Agricultural heavy and light equipment (rice dryer, gasoline & diesel engine, and electric motor); Mining equipment (cable wires, bearing, pillow blocks, and mercury); and General light industrial equipment & accessories (abrasive paper & rolls, electric press, drill machine, vise, torch, etc.).
The expansion was very successful, in 1972, the Company was able to establish its own head office. It was also within this year when the Company undertook the selling of products demanded in the Upholstery and Mining industries.

The decade of the 70s and the early years of the 80s brought the Company to higher heights. Its growth steadily rose to enable it to forge ties with foreign suppliers, who entrusted the marketing of their worldwide-trusted products into the hands of the Company.

In the year 2003, the company become the corporation known as Philman Corporate Distribution Corporation today.

As the Company had already proven its ability to enter into commerce in the global trade, its list of clientele expanded, making the Company one of the most admired marketing firms in the country.

In the Year 2008, the company entered into a new business to carry on generating sets and parts. The Company Founded PHILMAN GENERATOR (PHILGEN).

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