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Philman Generators Delivery | Isuzu and Powergen Diesel Generator Set Silent Type

Bound to Meycauayan Bulacan, Isuzu, and Powergen Diesel Generator Set

1 Unit Isuzu Diesel Generator Set - 40 kVA - 32 kW - 230 Voltage - 3 Phase

4 Units Powergen Diesel Generator Set - 15 kVA - 12 kW - 220 Voltage - Single Phase

Power Perfected: Unleash the Brilliance of Powergen and Isuzu Diesel Generator Set. Experience the Fusion of Robust Power and Unwavering Reliability. Energize Your Endeavors with Unmatched Performance and Unyielding Strength. Powergen and Isuzu: Ignite Your Path to Unstoppable Triumph!


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